8 out of 10 businesses fail...
in the first 3 years!


According to Forbes and Bloomberg, approximately 80% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years.
Of the 20% that could afford to survive, 80% of them will fail in the next 3 years, and then another 80% of those that are left will fail in the next 3 years. So, 80% fail in the first 3 years, 96% in the first 6 years and close to 99% in 9 years.  It seems most businesses are on their way out of business the moment they start and the only thing that prolongs their failure is how much operating capitol they have to keep going.

If you ask those owners why their business failed, you’ll hear a list of logical reasons, excuses and justifications.  Dig deeper and you’ll find the vast majority failed for one reason… they didn’t get enough customers.

Customers Drive Business Success

Look at it from this perspective… there are many facets and skill-sets to a successful business;
finance, hiring, team management, leadership, customer service and marketing. 
All wrapped around and designed to support a product or service. 
But understand this… customers are what drives all of that.  Customers drive your
business and marketing is the only facet of your business that actually makes money. 
What you do or what you sell doesn’t make money, it cost money. 
It’s the Marketing that attracts customers into your business. 
It’s customers that buy your products and services, and that’s what drives your business… customers. 
Not what you do or sell. 

Let me train you to be a proffessional at... GETTING CUSTOMERS!


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